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body dharma 3

Ingrid Schatz in Pony Dances           Photo:  Jeffrey Anderson

 Body dharma is a fierce practice. It is not for the timid or the lazy.

Attending to the body is not just cosmetic ministrations and ablutions.  It is not just practices, classes or disciplines. It is not only poses or techniques.  Because you can do all of that and still have never entered the body.

Movement is the body’s language and voice.  Breath is the body’s anchor.  Heart is the body’s center.  When you invite the body to move – without judgement, without hurry, without direction – you have begun to practice body dharma.

A recipe for entering the body:

Attention:  because the body is precise.

Listening: because the body is subtle.

Kindness:  because the body is tender.

improvisation life

Improvisation life is not just about following the muse or being an artist.  Or about spontaneity or creativity.

It is about our choices and how we make them.  About focus.  About cultivating a continuous, flexible thread of attention to what we love.  About deep listening (see Pauline Oliveros).  About waking up to what is here right now, in this moment.  About unexpected ways of dancing with what is.

Beginning Monday, I am teaching a five-week guided meditation on moving into an improvisational life.  This is some of what I will be including:

  • ways to nourish and embody your creative practice
  • suggestions for how to reduce the commute between art and life
  • playful, improvisational ways to deepen your work and relationships
  • specific improvisational practices for movement and writing (music, painting)

Registration closes on Friday.  You can sign up here

Questions?  Leave a comment and I will respond.