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you are invited (once again)

dscn0041_2Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

I had the great privilege of performing at the Body-Mind Centering Association conference at Skidmore College on Saturday night.  Body-Mind Centering is the brilliant work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, who for over fifty years, has investigated the developmental, embryological, systemic basis of our sensing, feeling, moving, thinking bodies.

I have never quite experienced dancing for an audience of so many body-minds that are so finely attuned, so honed by years of practice, listening and awareness – a great gift!  Thank you to  Saliq Francis Savage who beautifully recorded the concert.

SPEAK (full length) from Paula Josa-Jones on Vimeo.

you are invited


You are invited to a free dance performance, open to the public.  I am performing SPEAK on a shared program with some other wonderful choreographers.  Here are the details:

  • Saturday, June 28
  • 8 pm
  • Skidmore College Dance Center
  • 815 North Broadway
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Once you come onto the campus, follow signs for the dance center.  I hope that you can come!



Pam and I are in Venice.  We are here for our daughter’s sister’s wedding next week.  Except for India, Nepal and probably the Galapagos, I don’t think I have been anywhere so jaw-dropping.  There is the mystery and movement of the water, and the buildings that rise out of it, the absence of earth traffic, the presence of every kind of water and human traffic.  The sounds of Venice include the rolling of suitcases (our Airbnb is near a vaporetto stop on the Grand Canal), the click and clatter of footsteps, the church bells, the boats passing beneath our living room, the continual thrum of voices – soft, loud, children, dogs – and of language, accent, expression.  It feels as if everything is in motion all of the time.  This evening we rode in a gondola down some of the narrow, quiet canals, and when we got off, our walking rhythm had shifted into that of the gondola – so slow and soft that we were barely moving, as if our cells were still on the water.  At night there is a darkening, more muted tumult of human sounds and the high streaming cries of swallows.

This morning I became a street performer when Pam and I went out to shoot some film and stills for a new dance I am making.