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moving target workshop in boston

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 7.16.10 PMI will be teaching a Moving Target workshop this Saturday at Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Cambridge.

MT is a curated contemporary class series taught by a rotating group of working artists and master teachers from Boston and beyond. There is an emphasis on practices rooted in improvisation, somatic inquiry, collaboration, and release-based techniques. Classes are a chance to work out and work on new or old ideas, a place to give voice to both fresh and seasoned faces, to sweat, laugh, and have fun dancing together.

The series will establish a community around training together with class giving and taking as shared investments in physical inquiry; address categories of contemporary dance practice currently underrepresented in Boston; gather Boston’s next generation of dance artists and teachers; connect artists across cities; and generate the seeds of new projects.

This workshop is open to all movers, all levels.  Come and play!!!

and today . . .

DSC02358Photo:  Pam White

Yesterday I wrote about my great lifelong collaboration with the astonishing Pam White.  And today, I offer you this (imperfect) video, from us, from Venice.  Work-in-progress, still finding its most perfect self.  Like all of us. . .

Traveler Doorway from Paula Josa-Jones on Vimeo.

mille grazie mi amor

DSC02565 - Version 2Photo:  Pam White

I am so lucky.  She has been shooting me for 28 years.  We are not close to stopping.  Yesterday, we shot nearly 600 frames at the marvelous studios of our friend the sculptor Gillian Jagger.

Today, she wrote me this poem:

This Earth

You were put here on this earth

to drive me nuts. Only that, oh,

and your shadow devouring you in the earthly

last light of day in my film of your movement.

Motion shivers your amazing body, shadows, body, dipping

tangling with yourself in realtime and slow mo.

And me, I can see me in the shake of the camera,

when the great angle is made, when the dove flies

up the wall with your shadow. I can feel your

movement in my aching arms, my ant-bitten ankles

as the camera does its job. In Italian – where we each

live parts of our days – camera means room.

There is room in our hearts for this shake

that is us, this flight on the wall, the light

on your face walking backwards to me.

I have to be so still when I get the great shot, you

have to keep going when you ace the phrase: movement

perfection, body lit. As we work the tangle of our lives

the light reaches its peak and retracts, we go on.




you are invited (once again)

dscn0041_2Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

I had the great privilege of performing at the Body-Mind Centering Association conference at Skidmore College on Saturday night.  Body-Mind Centering is the brilliant work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, who for over fifty years, has investigated the developmental, embryological, systemic basis of our sensing, feeling, moving, thinking bodies.

I have never quite experienced dancing for an audience of so many body-minds that are so finely attuned, so honed by years of practice, listening and awareness – a great gift!  Thank you to  Saliq Francis Savage who beautifully recorded the concert.

SPEAK (full length) from Paula Josa-Jones on Vimeo.